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Energize Your Career: Intern at the ISO

At ISO New England, interns spend the summer working with industry experts on projects that matter. You’ll apply what you’ve learned in school and develop marketable skills. Best of all, you’ll have a chance to learn the nuts and bolts of the wholesale electric power industry.

Now hiring Fall Interns! Internships currently available through December 2018. Check back in September for Summer 2019 Internship openings.

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If you are a new graduate, you may want to check out our full-time openings.

About the Program

ISO New England offers an eleven week summer internship program that introduces undergraduate and graduate students to the wholesale side of the power industry. Interns work full-time from June through mid-August and get paid competitive salaries. For students who live locally, some opportunities are available to continue working part-time in the fall and spring semesters.

Priceless Experience

Through hands-on projects, direct contact with senior management, and visits to power plants and other industry sites you will gain real-world experience in your area of study. Interns have access to a variety of learning and development programs, such as workshops on the power grid and wholesale electricity markets; control room simulations; software and computer-application training; and courses on business writing, presentation, communication, and professional networking skills.

Knowledgeable Mentors

Leading experts in the field will guide you as you learn and participate in the critical work we do.

Competitive Pay

Real work deserves real pay. ISO New England interns are offered salaries competitive with other companies in the industry.

What We Look For

We’re looking for self-starters with excellent academics, strong communication skills, and a desire to learn while working independently and in teams. While a few positions may be available at the sophomore level, most require students to be at least entering their junior year. Unless otherwise specified, graduate students are also eligible.


Intern-to-Employee Stories


Former intern, current employeeEva

UMass Amherst, Electrical Engineering
Interned: Summer 2017
Hired full-time: Spring 2018

“My internship at ISO New England inspired me to pursue a career in the power systems industry. I gained valuable insight into the industry through hands-on projects, and my supervisors and senior management supported and encouraged me each step of the way. When I was employed full-time after graduation, the learning opportunities didn’t stop –the ISO provides ongoing training, professional development programs, and daily challenges that continue to strengthen my skills as an engineer.”


Former intern, current employeeFabio

UMASS Amherst, Electrical Engineering
Interned: Summer 2014 – Spring 2015
Hired full-time: Summer 2015

“For me, interning with ISO New England opened a door into the energy industry, expanding my view well beyond what I had encountered in the classroom. In my role with the Power System Model Management Department, I had the chance to dive head-first into the New England power grid, understand its complexities, and get to know the very people who tirelessly work behind the scene to make it run smoothly. Upon graduation, being offered a full-time position in the Transmission Planning Department was a fantastic opportunity to start my career and help ensure a bright future for all residents of New England.”


Former intern, current employeeKaren

University of Connecticut, MS in Accounting
Interned: Spring 2010 – Summer 2011
Hired full-time: Winter 2013

“The unique, rewarding internship program at ISO New England changed my perspective on the typical accounting career path. I discovered that the ISO wasn’t just a place for talented engineers but a place welcome to a wide scope of different skills and career interests, and I found myself at home in such a receptive environment. Shortly after my internship, I began my career at ISO New England and the opportunities to learn and collaborate with bright-minded people have been endless ever since.”


Former intern, current employeeKayleigh

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Mechanical Engineering
Interned: Summer 2014 – Spring 2016
Hired: Summer 2016

“I began at the ISO as an intern in Operational Performance Training and Integration, but the skills I acquired there weren’t restricted to just that department. Rather, the passion I developed for system operations led me to my first role as a full-time employee in Long-Term Outage Coordination, and then to my current position in Short-Term Outage Coordination. What you learn at the ISO is transferrable to so many different avenues in the power industry, and I’m grateful I’ve gained that kind of professional flexibility throughout my time here.”


Former intern, current employeeRobin

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Electric Power Engineering; Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MS in Power Systems Management
Interned: Summer 2009
Hired full-time: Summer 2010

“It’s mind-boggling how much work goes on behind the scenes to provide something as intrinsically valuable as reliable, economical electricity. As an intern and now employee at ISO New England, I have the opportunity to address the real challenges affecting the electric power industry and provide meaningful solutions, and getting to do so in such a collaborative, diverse environment makes coming to work every day an easy choice for me.”


Former intern, current employeeTrista

UMass Amherst, MBA/MPPA; Syracuse University, B.A., Dual major: Advertising, Psychology
Interned: Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
Hired full-time: Winter 2016

“My experience at the ISO both as an intern and as an employee has never ceased to challenge me. At the ISO, every project is considered valuable, even the small ones, and this motivated me to keep working through the tough problems and succeed in all I set out to do. And thanks to an organizational mindset geared towards growth, I’ve been able to acquire and develop professional skills that I’m sure will serve me for the rest of my career.”


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