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of the Grid

Since 1997, ISO New England has been working to ensure the reliable flow of competitively-priced wholesale electricity that keeps New England’s homes, businesses, and public services up and running.


Our Three
Critical Roles

Overview of the ISO’s three main roles and responsibilities in New England.

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Operating the Power System

Keeping electricity supply and demand in balance 24/7.

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Administering Wholesale Electricity Markets

Designing, running, and overseeing the region’s wholesale electricity marketplace.

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Power System Planning

Ensuring that the power system meets New England’s needs over the next 10 years.

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A Highly Skilled Workforce

The ISO’s varied roles and responsibilities require a broad spectrum of professionals in a highly competitive industry.

Industry Standards, Structure, and Relationships

Rundown of the ISO’s regulatory environment and stakeholder connections.

How Electricity Flows

From wholesale to retail: the basics on how electricity gets to New England’s homes and businesses.

What is Reliability?

A dependable flow of electricity is priority number one for the ISO. What this means from both a practical and technical perspective.


Our History

Timeline of major milestones shows how the ISO has changed along with New England’s rapidly-evolving electricity industry.

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In Depth

Articles and other resources that can help give you a better understanding of New England’s wholesale electricity industry.

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