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ensuring reliability

Ensuring Reliability

How Electricity Flows: From Wholesale to Retail

Get the basics on how electricity gets to New England’s homes and businesses.

What is Reliability?

A dependable flow of electricity is priority number one for the ISO. Learn what this means from both a practical and technical perspective.

The Basics of Essential Reliability Services

Watch short videos that explain how load ramping, voltage, and frequency help maintain power grid reliability—and how they’re affected by the increasing penetration of variable generation. The videos are presented by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Industry Standards, Structure, and Relationships

Get an overview of the ISO’s regulatory environment and stakeholders in its role as Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) for New England.

Reliability Standards: Development and Compliance

Learn about the intensive work that goes into developing and documenting compliance with standards that help ensure the reliable operation of the power grid.

A Highly Skilled Workforce

The ISO’s varied roles and responsibilities require a broad spectrum of professionals in a highly competitive industry.

The ISO’s Funding and Budgeting Process

Learn how the ISO funds its operation, develops its annual budgets, and determines its yearly service rates for customers.

running the electric grid

Grid Operations

Running the Electric Power Grid

Your electricity needs never stop, and neither does the ISO. Download this booklet for a “tour” of our state-of-the-art control room and an overview of how the ISO’s system operators keep electricity supply and demand in near-perfect balance every minute of the day.

ISO-NE Incorporates Wind-Powered Resources into Real-Time Dispatch with Do Not Exceed Dispatch Project

Read about how ISO innovation and stakeholder collaboration enabled the electronic dispatch of the region’s wind and intermittent hydro resources for the first time in 2016, allowing these resources to become eligible to set real-time wholesale electricity prices.

Solar Power in New England: Locations and Impact

Get an overview of the effects that solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have on demand from the regional power system and how the ISO is handling related challenges.

Geomagnetic Disturbances

Learn how the ISO takes steps to help protect the power grid in the event of predicted geomagnetic disturbances caused by solar events.


forecasting demand

Forecasting Demand (Electricity Use)

One Factor Rises Above the Rest When Accurately Predicting Future Energy Use: The Weather

Learn how the ISO uses weather forecasts in formulating electric demand estimates.

As Ovens Heat Up on Thanksgiving Day, So Does Electricity Demand

Learn how ISO New England plans for the region’s energy use on this not-so-typical Thursday morning.

Super Bowl Sunday and Its Effect on the Power Grid

Read about how the ISO creates forecasts of New England’s electricity needs.

Beating the Heat: How the ISO Prepares for Summer Peak Demand

Learn how temperature and other factors affect the grid—and the actions the ISO takes when electricity demand is outpacing supply.


Administering Wholesale Electricity Markets

Wholesale vs. Retail Electricity Costs

Get the basics on how wholesale prices affect retail rates, and how you can spot these in your retail electricity bill.

Explainer: ISO New England has no role in setting transmission rates

The region’s transmission owners develop transmission rates in New England—learn more.

Putting Markets to Work for New England

Download this two-page overview of the purpose, structure, operation, and effectiveness of the region's wholesale electricity marketplace.


Power System Planning

Much Has Changed Since the 2003 Northeast Blackout

Read about the most widespread outage in our nation’s history and what’s been done to prevent a repeat.

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